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    워크캠프 찾기

    지역 / 주제

    Age 19+ / 8
    Children: Our Future
    18-06-30 TO 18-07-13
    전체 설명
    아동 교육 일반
    ● 주요내용

    Description of the Project
    In many countries Tanzania included there are unfortunately many children who have been abandoned to their own luck, born in homes with no love, abused, or suffer poverty and sickness. These children need a loving heart, attention, education and friends who can help them find a better life full of opportunities, be successful and most important have happiness life. “Children: Our future” is a project designed with the aiming of increased overall wellbeing of the children in Msufini community and mostly those in who lives at the orphanage center. Children are coming from socially challenging conditions where volunteers are needed to offer love and attention they need at such crucial time in their lives.

    Project Activities
    Activities of this project will depend very much on the interest and the skills of the volunteers. Volunteers should expect to participate in:-
    • Cleaning: Painting dormitories and study rooms, garden and compound maintenance
    • Teaching/ Directing: teach English language, Help with home works
    • Sanitation (teaching and helping in personal hygiene)
    • Organize games, drawing, and other creative extracurricular activities
    • Care for those who cannot go to school
    • Assist with daily kitchen duties
    • More activities related to the project theme might be added- flexibility is necessary.

    ● 위치

    Description of Location
    The project will be hosted in Msufini-Community in the outskirts of Dar es Salaam. It is a fast growing suburb due to development expansion projects happening in the city center converting residential to industrial areas. The place can be accessible by public transport famous known as “daladala” connecting the community with the most important parts of Dar es Salaam. There is also option to use private transport (Taxi), private card owned by host families etc. A shops and markets are available where most basics can be obtained.

    Participants of this project will be picked up at Julius Nyerere International Airport (Dar es Salaam).

    ● 숙박

    Volunteers will be accommodated at the Youth accommodation in the community. Basic accommodation facilities will be provided. Expect to share rooms with or other volunteers from the same or other projects. (No mix of different sex in the rooms). Volunteers’ relatives and friends can visit or staying over upon special approval. Bring with you; Mosquito net, Bed sheets (at least 2 pieces) and pillow if you prefer one, Towels, Rubber mattress and Mosquito repellent.

    Trying a variety of foods from other cultures is part of UVIKIUTA’s philosophy for an authentic experience in Tanzania, and may be both fun and challenging. Food on our projects generally reflects the local cuisine. Some foods that are part of a regular diet at your home country may not be available during the program. Vegetarians will be accommodated. However volunteers with more specific dietary requirements may need to supplement the included meals at their own expense. Volunteers with food allergies (e.g., nuts) must inform the organisation about the existence and severity of the allergy. Three meals per day are provided to the Volunteers at the Youth accommodation. Meals in transit between airports and to/from Project, during tourism or outside designated project area are volunteer’s responsibility. No reimbursements will be made for volunteers who miss their included meals.

    ● 언어

    The official languages of this project are English and Kiswahili. You do not have to be fluent.

    ● 특별 요구사항

    * 현장납부비용 : 250 EUR
    [현장납부비 안내]
    본 워크캠프 참가를 위해서는 참가비 외 현장납부비를 현장에서 외화로 직접 납부하셔야 합니다. 자세한 사항은 [국가별 참가비]를 참고해주세요.

    The participation fee for this project is €250 (EURO) or equivalent Tanzanian shillings.
    •This fee is different from the amount paid to the sponsoring/sending organisation during your application process.

    탄자니아 워크캠프 참가를 위해서는 비자를 취득하셔야 합니다. 비자는 현지 도착 후 공항에서 발급 가능합니다(약 250 USD). 비자 취득에 대한 자세한 내용은 추후 합격 후 이메일을 통해 안내 드릴 예정이며, 일반적인 비자관련 정보는 외교통상부의 입국허가요건을 참고하시기 바랍니다.

    ● 중요사항

    [비유럽 워크캠프 안내]
    본 워크캠프는 참가자 간의 문화교류활동 보다는 지역사회 발전과 현지인과의 교류에 초점을 맞추고 있습니다. 참가가 수가 적을 수는 있으나 지역사회 발전과 현지인과의 교류 측면에 중점을 둔다면 의미 있는 경험이 될 것이며, 다음의 분께 특히 참가를 권장합니다.

    -현지인과의 교류에 관심이 많은 분
    -유동적인 활동 일정에 유연하게 수용할 수 있는 분
    -오픈 마인드로 봉사활동에 적극적으로 참가할 수 있는 분
    -신청 전 아래 페이지를 확인하시기 바랍니다.

    [예방접종 안내]
    아프리카 동부 및 중남미 지역으로 입국하시는 참가자 분들은 황열병 주사 접종 또는 말라리아약을 복용 하는 것이 좋습니다.황열병 주사는 한국 출발일 최소 15일 전에 접종해야 하고, 말라리아약 또한 사전에 복용해야 효과가 있으며, 국가에 따라 요구되는 예방접종 내용이 상이하니 자세한 사항은 해외여행질병정보센터를 통해 확인 하시기 바랍니다.

    [침낭 구비 안내]
    개인 위생을 위해 개인용 침낭을 반드시 지참하시기 바랍니다.

    [현지 도착 안내]
    공항에서 미팅포인트까지 이동하는 데에 다소 많은 시간이 소요됩니다. 따라서 캠프 시작일 기준 1~3일 이전에는 참가 국가의 수도로 미리 도착하시기 바랍니다. 미팅타임과 미팅포인트는 합격 후 인포싯(infosheet)을 통해 안내드립니다.

    ● 기타

    Location and Leisure activities
    The project is located in the outskirts of Dar es Salaam City (about 30km to the South). The community can be accessible by both public and private transportation. Basic facilities like convenience shops, Local markets, hospital, Police station, and recreational/Social facilities are available. Participant who loves nature and walking will perfectly enjoy this location of the project. Other options for weekends are:-
    • Dar es salaam tour: Museums, Beach and historical/cultural sites
    • Overnight in Bagamoyo town (Swimming, historical site seen and eco-tourism)
    • Overnight in Mikumi National Park (2 days, one night safari viewing animals as well Masai cultural tourism, Selous game reserve (Wild life safari including camping safari, walking safari among many other options.
    • Note: Be aware of people trying to invite you for safari and tours, they might not help that much as most of them are not licensed or registered for such kind of business.
    It is always cheaper and even fun to do these activities with other participants as a team. You might want to wait until the orientation day to plan together. If needed we can provide some recommendations for companies which has been providing services to our Previous participants over the years with affordable rates while quality, safety and security prioritized

    Special conditions
    • Age: 18 years and above. No age limit.
    • Families, couples, seniors and those with disabilities are encouraged to join the program. However they should contact us in advance through their sponsoring organizations for proper environments that fit their special needs.
    • We only accept a volunteer who will arrive on time and stay until the end. (No flexibility)
    • Language: Official Languages of the program are English and Kiswahili. However you do not need to be fluently.
    • Others: This project is suitable for a person who is open minded, flexible, ready to learn and adopt to other cultures, interested in physical/outdoor activities, children, Youth and with ability to work under less supervision and minimum resources.

    ● 참가보고서
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